Isaacson Records

Isaacson Records, a recording studio and production house based in Milwaukee, WI is the one stop shop for self published author audiobook production and studio music services. With a wide range of talent and modern studio tech, we can help you get the sound you're looking for.

Audio is LOUD

According to a recent WordsRated article, an international research and analytics group, audiobooks are the top growing book format as of 2022. Do you want to be part of the listening revolution?

Our Services

My name is Samuel Isaacson and I am the owner of Isaacson Records, a professional audio production business based in Milwaukee, WI. With the aid of a large network of professionals, we specialize in all things AUDIO.

We produce high quality audiobooks for self published authors and independent publishers to maximize engagement with their target audiences.

We compose, record, produce, mix and master music for labels, artists, production houses, and marketing directors.

Audiobook Production

Are you an author or a publisher in need of high quality audiobook production? We've got you covered. Working with a diverse network of narrators from around the world, we will find the right voice for your book and handle the audiobook creation process from beginning to end. Fiction? Nonfiction? No problem.

Music Production

Are you looking for custom songwriting & sound effects for an upcoming film, commercial, documentary, or television program? Look no further. With a talented team of songwriters, composers, producers, sound designers, and musicians, we will take your idea from beginning to end.

Recently, Sam published a book on music recording fundamentals in the popular, free DAW, Cakewalk by Bandlab. Check it out here.

Mixing & Mastering

We will take your track stems, clean them up, and mix them according to your reference track. If you desire mastering, we can provide this as well.




Samuel did a fantastic job breathing life into my books! Anyone would be lucky to work with him!


Arctic Python Band

Sam is an absolute legend. With an iconic, unmistakable voice that can cut through a dense mix yet never feels out of place, anyone looking for professional quality recordings need look no further. Sam has played several shows with my band, and has contributed on some recordings as well. In every case, his vocal tracks were the easiest things in the world to mix, lacking neither in punch nor clarity. His guitar work was phenomenal, bringing an energy that drove the entire song forward.



Working with Sam was pure joy. Being a demanding artist I requested Sam to play several specific takes with his saxophone on my 2 musical projects as well as letting Sam be creative and let his imagination add to my project where needed. He delivered exactly what I asked for, on time, high quality and his creative decision were beyond my wildest dreams. Sam is not only a very talented musician. He's also a very good listener and collaborator that I look forward to working with again and again.



Samuel Isaacson was professional and easy to work with. He worked well with his co-narrator, and he breathed life into my character. He was on time and listened to and applied any feedback I had. I have gotten such great feedback from my readership, and I can't wait to hire him for every book in this series!


Wimeik Studios

Really happy with our collaboration with Samuel, he did a great job singing melodies and background vocals for the song we needed. Fast delivery and fast communication with him. For sure we will contact him again for new projects.

Harsh Sarma


Working with Sam was great. I approached him for recording of a sax solo for a synthpop song & he did a good job by playing a nice melodic solo as we wanted. Looking forward to working with him more in future.


Sojourner Mobile Coffee

Sam was so helpful in facilitating our conversation about my business. He really made it clear that he cared about what I do and how I do it through the direct nature of his questions and thought development. Isaacson Records is a great option to consider if you are looking for quality recording, editing and mixing to bring out the best in your business.



I enjoyed working with Sam to record, arrange, and produce a number of pop and rock songs. He is an excellent singer and musician! I had no idea that Sam did audio books but it comes as no surprise as his voice translates nicely for recorded music as well. Sam is not only very prompt and professional

but willing to go the extra mile to edit or redo tracks as needed to get a song right!

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